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What does registration include?

Conference registration is complimentary and includes:

  • All conference sessions on Day 1 & 2
  • Continental breakfasts and refreshments each day
  • Lunches each day
  • Wednesday Welcome Reception
  • Friday Gala Dinner
Have you forwarded your photo and biography?

Picture - high resolution headshot in .jpg format.
Biography - 300 words maximum in PARAGRAPH format.

Have you booked your flights and hotel?

Don’t forget to book your flight early. Some routes have been known to sell out and prices do go up closer to the conference date.

There is a special hotel conference rate available so don’t miss out - book early. We reserve a limited number of rooms and we have sold out in the past.

When is my presentation / paper due? - TBD

It is important that we receive your presentation well in advance of the start of the conference. Presentations are formatted with conference specific slides and given to the tech team before the start of the conference. We need time to prepare them.

Because our speakers are seasoned professionals and of influence, it is important to us that we be able to provide speaker papers to our delegates that reflect your best thinking and opinion on your topic. Speaker papers will be an additional item to your presentation and are of significant value to our delegates as they continue to learn and lead in their fields. Papers can be articles that you have authored or what you consider to be the best thinking from other sources. We do not expect you to produce new material just for the conference but we are always looking for leading edge information that you feel should be made available to the delegates to further enrich your topic.

Papers and presentations will be posted online for the delegates to download.

What if I can't get my presentation in on time?

To ensure that the presentations of our speakers are properly loaded/programed and ready to go, we ask that you take into consideration the preparatory work needed, and kindly submit your presentations on time. We may not be able to accommodate last minute changes.

What if my presentation requires handouts?

If submitted in advance with your presentation, we can arrange to have your handout posted on the website.
If you want the delegates to have a hardcopy, please bring 300 copies. Drop these off at the registration desk and we can hand these out as people register or arrange to distribute them prior to your session.

What time do I present?

Please refer to the conference schedule posted online. As we may need to make some minor adjustments up until the start of the conference, be sure that you check the schedule the day before you present.

Please identify yourself to one of the registration staff at the break prior to your presentation.

The date, time and descriptor of your presentation are posted on the conference schedule.

Do I need to bring a copy of my presentation or my laptop?

You should bring a copy with you on a memory stick as a backup. However, the presentation that you have submitted will be preloaded onto the technician’s computer and will be on the screen ready to go. You will have a wireless mouse on the podium to advance the slides. There will be a TV monitor in front of you so that you can see your presentation without turning around.

There will be a podium and microphone available. If you wish to use a lapel microphone please advise the conference management  well before you go on stage.

The AV set up will not accommodate a laptop on stage with the presenter.

Expense Policy

The conference has been established as a not for profit so that all money raised goes to the underwriting of the conference expenses and supporting educational initiatives of the region. As a result, we are unable to pay our speakers. However, we invite you to the entire event including receiving all delegate materials and taking part in all hospitality and networking activities as our guest.

Speaker’s registration includes:

  • All conference sessions on Day 1 & 2
  • All conference materials
  • Continental breakfasts & refreshments each day
  • Lunches on Day 1 & 2
  • Hospitality events

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