Assets Trust

We are ASSETS TRUST & CORPORATE SERVICES, INC. (“ASSETS TRUST”) a Panamanian company constituted in 1980. In 1987 the company obtained its License to engage in the Trust business, issued by the National Banking Commission (the current Bank Superintendency). In 1998 we joined PATTON, MORENO & ASVAT Group in order to expand the services we provide, thus benefitting our exclusive group of clients in Panama and the world.

Since becoming licensed as a trust company, we have accumulated almost thirty years experience, making ASSETS TRUST one of the first companies working exclusively in this area.


Allowing the company to offer its clients the advantage of handling their business –either personal or corporate- in an atmosphere of professionalism and confidentiality, but with a personalized treatment that would be hardly obtained from other competitors. Both the company and its affiliate PATTON, MORENO & ASVAT have advised on important and complex operations locally and abroad, thereby making them confident in properly identifying and satisfying your needs through a personalized relation, adequate to your objectives and specific requirements.

ASSETS TRUST offers individuals and corporations its experience in planning and constituting trust, as well as other legal structures of similar nature in different jurisdiction, but with the strategic and geographic advantage of being based in Panama. Once the trust has been created in the jurisdiction of your preference, the client will have at its disposal a series of related services that we are in a position to offer.