Juan Guillermo Becerra

Advocat (Colombia)

Juan Guillermo is a tax expert who has extensive experience structuring corporate matters such as mergers and acquisitions, joint venture agreements and foreign investment structures as well as with national and municipal tax planning. His expertise in strategic tax planning also extends to trust and estate planning for natural persons.

While in-house at an accounting firm, Juan Guillermo worked side by side with accountants. This experience strengthened his financial knowledge and his conviction that anticipating accounting consequences is a crucial element of expert tax advice. Juan Guillermo believes that understanding accounting issues is necessary to maintain smooth and constructive communication with the accounting departments of his clients.

As a member of one of the largest law firms in Colombia, Juan Guillermo learned the importance of understanding the client’s business and to seek alternatives compatible with the business. There, he participated in the structuring of corporate reorganizations and transactions involving the purchase and sale of assets and corporate ownership interests.

Juan Guillermo is aware that his clients’ first instincts are to seek tax savings by any means. As a legal adviser who avoids unnecessary risks, clients can count on Juan Guillermo to offer them a detailed explanation of the risks involved, as tax planning is not limited to avoiding taxes. Whenever alternatives to achieve tax efficiencies exist, Juan Guillermo will help you identify them.

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