Alejandro Santos

Prisa Media (Colombia)

Alejandro Santos is the current Content Director of Prisa Media, the most the most important media in Spanish. He was director of the magazine "Semana" for 20 years the most influential political and economic media outlet in Colombia and one of the most highly respected in Latin America.

He has won the most important national and international journalism awards, including Maria Moors Cabot prize from Columbia University, the Award for the Best Investigation into Corruption in Latin America (2008) and the King of Spain's Prize (2008) for having revealed the links between paramilitaries and politicians in Colombia, referred to as 'Parapolitics'. He again won the award for the best corruption case investigation in 2010, for the "DAS phone-hacking case", where he revealed how the government intercepted the communications of journalists, magistrates and opposition politicians. In 2012 and 2008 he won the Inter-American Press Association Prize for special reports on the question of human rights and victims of the armed conflict in Colombia. He has won the Simón Bolívar National Journalism Prize on six occasions. 

This journalist graduated in Economics from Los Andes University and did a specialisation in Communication Law at Javeriana University. He has been a columnist at Semana and Director of the Investigation Unit at the newspaper 'El Tiempo', and is the founder and promoter of important cultural, supervisory and philanthropic civil society projects like ProBogotá, Colombia Líder, Conexión Colombia, Votebien, Amazonas 2030, Verdad Abierta and the Semana Foundation. He was an Alfred Friendly Press Fellowship scholarship holder, and guest researcher at Georgetown University. He was co-author of the books "How to do Journalism" and "Power and the Media".