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Promotional Materials

Plan for at least 400 attendees.

Exhibit Space

Each exhibitor will be provided with:
- a rectangular, skirted table (1.82 m x .6 m) (6ft x 2ft)
- 1 chair
- 1 branded table top sign that includes your sponsorship level as well as your logo

Set-Up: Wednesday beginning at 1pm 

There is no pre-selection of table locations. We will not know the location of the tables until we are on site and have set up the exhibit area.

You may wish to enhance your space with one single sized pop-up banner, a branded table cloth or flowers.

You may display any promotional items or materials on your table, including those of subsidiary or parent companies.

You will not be able to attach a banner or any promotional material to a wall.

Please do not place a banner that takes up the entire table on your table.

There will be a sponsor draw. You are welcome to bring a raffle item. Please have somewhere to collect business cards for the draw, example, a bowl, basket or box.

Exhibitor Staffing Registration

Please note that this is a CLOSED event and is restricted to people wearing a conference name tag.

Each sponsorship package comes with a complimentary Exhibitor Pass which includes: refreshment breaks, lunches and all hospitality events. It does not include access to the conference sessions or conference material.

Staffing is up to the discretion of the sponsor and can be staffed by any registered attendee (delegate, speaker, exhibitor staff). Talk to us if you plan to have more than one person staffing your table.

Everyone attending must REGISTER and wear a conference name tag.

Advert Specifications

Artwork specifications document: CLICK HERE 

Refer to your sponsorship benefits for the exact size of your advert (full page or half page). CLICK HERE

Shipping Information

Materials should be sent to the address below:

Avenida Doutor Chucri Zaidan, 96.

City: São Paulo

State: São Paulo

ZIP Code: 04795-100

Attention:  Natalia Sorrentino for Marian Ralph


TEL +55 11 2838 1254

Each box shall be identified as follows:

Event: STEP Latam Conference

Nome do patrocinador (Sponsor name):

Entrega ao hotel Grand Hyatt, para a equipe de banquetes. (This information must be written in Portuguese as I have written so that their non-English speaking team can identify the material. If they do not identify, the material is in danger of coming back, please keep it that way).

Please note that the hotel will not make any payment at the time of delivery, so the entire cost of the material that is received must be paid in advance by the sponsor.  

The ideal is that they receive these materials in the week before the event, because they do not have a large storage area.

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